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Mental Health Tools

The Feelings Line Mood Monitoring Tool

 The first step for coping with uncomfortable emotions  is to recognize how thoughts and feelings change across time and situations. The Feelings Line is a tool for keeping track of your moods and better understanding them. Parents can use this to help their children communicate their emotions. The slides explain the rationale for this tool and how to use it.


Mindfulness Video

Mindfulness is the art of focusing on what we are doing and thinking at the present moment, and allowing thoughts that pop up to pass through our minds without judgment.  Mindfulness is a coping skill that requires practice.  This video is a guided mindfulness exercise that also provides information about mindfulness.  


Fun Activities to Help Your Kids Think Flexibly

This set of slides offers information and ideas for fun activities that will help your children think more flexibly.  Flexible thinking is important for problem solving and emotional well being. It allows you to see the world from various perspectives, feel more connected with others, and cope better with challenges.   

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